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Canon RUI - User/Dept ID Management

This post will help you manager User Authentication and Department ID through Canon's Remote User Interface (RUI) which can be accessed through your web browser. You'll need a network connection to the copier, the IP address, and appropriate login credentials to do so. I recommend watching the whole video once to get a feel of things. Then, watch the video once more with the spacebar handy to pause at each step.

Did you know...

you can add email addresses, fax numbers, and folder destinations into the Address Book from the RUI? Once you log in, you'll find the "Address Book" option on the right side of the front page. From the many address books there are, people generally use "Address List 1" and "Address List One-Touch". Try using those first!

Not working like you expected?

You might have locked yourself out by not assigning the Administrator account to a Dept ID. You'll have to assign the Dept ID through the Control Panel, and this video will show you how. Or send us a message through our contact page with your "Company Name", "EQ number", and a "Callback number", or call us at 671-477-7454 for further assistance.


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