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Canon Control Panel - User Auth./Dept ID Managment

This video will show you how to create and configure User Authentication and Department IDs through the control panel of the newer imageRUNNER ADVANCE series copiers. These instructions will also apply to imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX series copiers as well. For even older models, the concepts still apply, so it might be worth the watch if you're interested in these features. Watch the entire video once first, then follow along step-by-step and have the spacebar handy to pause when you need to.

Did you know...

you can configure all these settings through a web browser. Check out this other post showing you how it's done.

Not working like you expected?

You just might have forgotten to assign a Department ID to a user, but no worries. Send us a message through our contact page with your "Company Name" and "EQ number", or call us at 671-477-7454 for further assistance.


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