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Changing Konica Minolta Default Printer Driver Settings

Below is a short video helping you walk through the steps to change your default print settings. It might be best to watch the video once through then have the spacebar handy when watching it the second time to pause with each step.

Did you know...

you can install multiple printer drivers for the same copier/printer? I like having multiple printer drivers depending on the settings I use. For instance, I have one printer driver with default settings called "Regular Prints" so I don't have to select 1-sided, B&W, collated paper in Drawer 1 all the time - it's just there and it works! I also have another printer driver with default settings to the second drawer whenever I need to print on loose carbon copy paper.

Only for Windows

These instructions work for Windows 7 - 10. Windows 11 doesn't allow the run command called "control printers" anymore. As a work around, you can type in "control", then select "view devices and printers" under the "Hardware and Sound" option.

Still not working?

It could be you're just not on the same WiFi/network, but no worries. Send us a message through our contact page with your "Company Name" and "EQ number", or call us at 671-477-7454 for further assistance.


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